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Vancouver Youth Go Club

We are a group of Metro-Vancouver-based young Go players eager to spread our love of Go.

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The Vancouver Youth Go Club is dedicated to the promotion of junior Go from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our club is here to introduce Go to as many willing individuals who may want to explore, study and play the Go game.

Our goal is to help children and youth become the best Go players possible. We use a combination of group meetings, game analysis, tournaments, individual feedback, and formal reports. We emphasize team unity and sportsmanship.

Go is an exciting and educational sport that helps students gain an understanding of the nature of competition. Win and lose is a life lesson that a child must learn in order to integrate effectively into society.  Enjoy each moment and share your experiences and knowledge with others, who may also fall in love in playing the game of Go. The benefits of playing Go at a young include many, chief among them are as follows:

  • Handling pressure
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Improving critical thinking 
  • Enhancing memory and creativity
  • Heightening concentration and focusing
  • Encouraging social interaction with others
  • Developing patience, confidence and self-reliance
  • Teaching problem solving and complex decision-making 

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